My interest in this hobby started many years ago, I think I was approx. 15 years. I started like many others on 27 MHz and also on 3 meter.

But after a while some friends convinced my to get my HAM licenses. I had no technical background, so I had to study hard to pass my exam.

At least I managed it in 1982.


Below you found some details.

1982: PD0NAL                       VHF novice license

1983: PE1JSV                       VHF/UHF license

1984: PA3EWP                      HF-License


Today I am active from 2 meter till 160 meter. My favorite mode these days is CW, but I like also SSB and RTTY.

In the beginning I was only a SSB operator but since a few years CW.


I like contesting, DX-ing and going on DX-peditions.

Need only 1 country in mixed mode: 3D2C (Conway Reef).

(I don’t know  why I missed it before 2009. I missed the 2009

DX-pedition because I was there as operator.)

HAM Radio