In 1994 I was for the first time on DXpedition, Till today I like this interesting part of the Hobby. It doesn’t matter which country, the most important thing is the pile-up. Of course how higher the DXCC is placed on the most  wanted list the bigger the pile-ups are.

At this time I visited 58 countries and I operated from 39 countries. For detailed info look at the DXFC site for DX-ers that likes to travel.

We started a group with 4 HAMs from Holland that likes to spent there holidays going on DXpedition. The last years the group has different (inter-national) operators joining the group. The name of this group is LLDXT Low Land DXpedition Team.

On the next pages there is an overview of my activities from 1994 till today. There are some pictures and also some stories that were published in magazines. These stories are in PDF format. So be sure you have acrobat reader or equivalent installed.


For more than 15 years I give lectures at local club meetings or at international events about my experiences of DX-peditions.

If you are interested send me an email for more details.




                                                                 Short talk about T33C (Banaba) in Seoul South-Korea 







                                                                 At local club meeting in Zwolle.






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